You’re a small business looking to optimize your marketing without sacrificing your income. You know what you need, you know your customers, and you love your business.

Here’s where I come in. I’ll sit down with you over a free 30 minute coffee talk to discuss your goals and marketing ideas.

Then, we can book your consultation where I’ll suggest the best course of action to reach those goals. You’ll walk away with a personalized marketing plan, your questions answered, and a list of services Terra Incognita Marketing can provide for you

all for only $50.

From there, you can determine what services you would like to do yourself and what tasks you want to delegate out to us.

We will come up with a solution that is the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and goal-optimized method for you. There’s no pressure to continue using my services. I want you to succeed. I’ll even teach you how to reach your goals yourself.

So take back control of your marketing.

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Increase Brand Awareness
  • Business Growth

Increase Brand Awareness

In order to increase your profits, you have to increase your potential profit. There’s a number of different ways you can do this, but the most effective comes down to earning the trust of your potential customers. Let’s build your brand so you can build your business.

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  • Investors In People

Marketing Training

As a small business, TI Marketing understands that sometimes it’s just not in the budget to hire out. In order to help as many small businesses as we can we offer at your pace training services & training materials so that you or your team can fill your gaps as cost effectively as possible.

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In-House Sales Training
Harness Your Social Proof
  • Social Media Analysis

Harness Your Social Profile

The Dreaded Social Media. If used correctly, Social Media can be a powerful tool to connect and grow a community that surrounds your brand. However, with influencers and get known quick schemes many businesses fall victim to the social media black hole. Let us show you an easier way to social media marketing that helps your overall strategy not just get rich quick dreams.

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Trusted by Small Businesses

Terra Incognita Marketing was built to help small businesses, locally owned, and mom and pop shops thrive with marketing strategies that grow traffic and help convert leads.

With our marketing plans, we strive to help owners navigate uncharted waters & climb the marketing mountains of the digital age.

On top of our A La Carte Services

We have four plans to help you hit your marketing goals:

SEO Performance

Start with the backend basics and grow to an SEO expert with our SEO plan. We want to help you increase your traffic organically.

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Whether you’re looking for help with Facebook ads or Google listings our advertising plan sets you up for long term benefit.

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Social Media

Harness the power of social media. With our social media plan we make it easy for you to hit your SM milestones without the time suck.

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Full Service

With our Full Service Plan we handle it all. You get everything from our three other plans with additional services like VIP emails, extra included consultations, and full scale reporting and adapting.

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Brands We Work With

We take small business support seriously. That’s why all of our tools and partnerships are with companies that are small business focused. There are no affiliate links here just our favorite tools.

Let’s Make

Marketing Happen

At Terra Incognita Marketing we understand that marketing is NOT a one size fits all methodology.

We value each and every client we work with and understand that, like their business, their marketing should be unique.

We get the ups and downs of small businesses and know that some months marketing is not on the priority list.

This is why we created a la carte marketing services.

“The team at Terra Incognita Marketing is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year on year growth due to their progressive approach.”

Mary Gladding

Calico Station Owner

A Quilty Pleasure

This means if you know you’re not going to need ads but want help with social media. We Can Help.

If you want help with email campaigns but only once in a while. We Can Help.

If you have no idea what you need but you’re ready to start marketing. We Can Help.

Know exactly what you want and are looking for an affordable high-quality plan? We Can Help.

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