Terra Incognita

ter·ra in·cog·ni·ta/ˌterə ˌinˌkäɡˈnēdə,ˌterə ənˈkäɡnədə/noun

  1. unknown or unexplored territory. “The traveler is moving now through terra incognita”

Terra Incognita Marketing: Living the life of a small business owner by exploring the unknowns of marketing.

Hi! I’m Ashley creator of Terra Incognita Marketing

Where  I help small businesses navigate and climb their marketing mountains.

I set out to help small businesses, locally owned, and mom and pop shops thrive with marketing strategies that work without sacrificing their budgets.

The last thing I want (and have seen many times) is small businesses throwing money at marketing because they think it’s going to solve all of their problems.

So I’ve created multiple systems that are designed to revolve around strategy but give leniency to your financial position.

The goal here is to help. If I can help 1 small business from going under… then I’ve done what I set out to do. 

I hope this gives a little insight into TI Marketing.

I hope I’ll be able to help you travel through your Terra Incognita of Marketing.

Where it all Began

The origin story definitely isn’t as dramatic as that heading makes it out to be. It’s actually simple really when I first began thinking of concepts and ideas for starting my own business I loved the idea of a blog. Not a super salesy or business-focused blog.

A Blog for the everyday small business owner.

I wanted more than business tips I wanted to talk about balance. How to harmonize with your business rather than working around it.

When I discussed it with friends and family in the business sphere many warned breaking out of a niche and making sure that I have a defined concept… it honestly was a little defeating.

I don’t always write about marketing tips or business tools. And I definitely don’t want to have to work on ANOTHER project.

And then after talking to all these professionals and business-savvy people… I realized …Just do what you want. I’m setting out to show authenticity, ease marketing pains, and recreate the marketing sphere. And thus, Terra Incognita.

You Get What You Get

So! When you follow Terra Incognita Marketing you’re going to get an array of niches. You’re going to get topics and ideas that probably won’t be found on other business blogs.

I’m talking recipes, book reviews, current obsessions, and pictures of my dog (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). But you’re also going to get tips on how to manage your big projects and the best time tracking platforms. At its core, it’s for small businesses that love and breathe their business.

Come on this journey with us as we explore the unexplored.

If you own a small business in need of some marketing help schedule a coffee talk and let’s chat about your goals.